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Stored procedures
DnDForce (Function)
In french: DnDImpose
DnDForce is kept for backward compatibility.

In this version, there is no need to specify the action performed by the source control. DnDCursor, that manages the mouse cursor during Drag and Drop, also specifies the action allowed during Drag and Drop.

The documentation about DnDForce is as follows.
Indicating the action run by the source (drag/drop).
DnDForce (<Action>)
<Action> is an integer that can take for value:
  • dndCopy (the data will be copied).
  • dndMove (the data will be moved).
  • dndDefault (the data will be moved or copied according to the operations).
DnDForce indicates whether the source control allows:
  • no action
  • to move the data (the data will be cut from the source)
  • to copy the data (the data will be copied, it remains in the source)
DnDForce is used to force the data found in the source control to be copied or moved.

DnDAccept indicates the action accepted in the target.

The following variables can be used:
  • _DND.Action to find out the action of Drag/Drop
  • _DND.TargetControl to find out the name of target control
  • _DND.SourceControl to find out the name of source control in the window
  • _DND.CtrlDown to find out the status of Ctrl key
  • _DND.SourceWin to find out the name of source window
  • _DND.MouseXPos to find out the mouse X-coordinate during the event
  • _DND.MouseYPos to find out the mouse Y-coordinate during the event
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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