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  • Type of disk
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Stored procedures
Returns information about a disk.
// Total disk size?
ResDiskSize is numeric = fDriveInfo("C:", fdTotalSpace)
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// Name of volume
ResultName is string
ResultName = fDriveInfo("C:", fdVolumeName)
<Result> = fDriveInfo(<Disk path> , <Information>)
<Result>: All types
  • Requested information.
  • 0 if an error occurred. To get the details of the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
<Disk path>: Character string (with quotes)
Path of disk to use in the following format:
  • <drive letter>:. For example: "A:". The drive letter is written in uppercase character.
  • UNC path. For example: "\\<ServerName>\<ShareName>".
<Information>: Constant
Specifies the requested type of information:
fdFreeSpaceAvailable disk space (in bytes)
fdTotalSpaceTotal size of the disk (in bytes)
fdNbClusterNumber of disk clusters
PHP This constant is not available.
fdNbSectorPerClusterNumber of sectors per cluster
PHP This constant is not available.
fdVolumeNameName of volume
PHP This constant is not available.
fdSerialNumberSerial number of the disk, defined when the disk is formatted (differs from the serial number given by the manufacturer).
PHP This constant is not available.
fdFileNameSizeMaximum size of file name on the disk (in characters)
PHP This constant is not available.
fdSectorSizeSize of sector (in bytes)
PHP This constant is not available.
fdDriveTypeType of disk (see the table below)
PHP This constant is not available.
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Type of disk

The types of disks are WLanguage constants. The possible values are:
ConstantValueType of disk
fdUnknown32Unknown type
fdRemovable1Removable disk (diskette, zip, etc.)
fdFixed2Fixed disk (hard disk)
fdInvalid0The specified path does not correspond to a disk
fdRemote4Network disk
fdCDRom8CD-ROM (and burners, DVD, etc.)
fdRAM16Virtual disk
Component: wd260std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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