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  • Managing errors
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Stored procedures
Returns the size of a file before compression.
When a file is decompressed by fUncompress, we recommend that you to compare the non-compressed size of file with the available disk space.
// Size of file before compression
ResDecompressedSize = fSizeUncompressed("C:\MyDirectories\File.doc")
<Result> = fSizeUncompressed(<File path>)
<Result>: Integer
  • Size of file before compression (in bytes),
  • -1 if an error occurred. To find out the name of the error, use the function ErrorInfo with the constant errMessage.
  • -2 if the file was not compressed by fCompress or if the file was compressed by WINDEV version 4 (4.0 or 4.1).
<File path>: Character string (with quotes)
Name and full (or relative) path of compressed file (up to 260 characters). A UNC path can be used. This file must have been compressed by fCompress. The wildcard characters (* and?) are not allowed.
Versions 15 and later
Windows This parameter can be in Ansi or Unicode format.
New in version 15
Windows This parameter can be in Ansi or Unicode format.
Windows This parameter can be in Ansi or Unicode format.

Managing errors

The function fSizeUncompressed generates an error in the following cases:
  • the specified file does not exist,
  • the name of the specified file is invalid,
  • the file is already locked by another application.
Component: wd260std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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