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  • WLanguage procedure
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Stored procedures
Sends a fax according to the connection that was established beforehand (FaxConnect).
Remark: This function can be used in Windows 2000, XP or later. In Windows Vista (and later), the management of faxes is available with Windows Professional et Windows Integral Edition.
IDConnect is int
IDConnect = FaxConnect()
ResEnvoiFax is boolean
ResEnvoiFax = FaxSend(IDConnect, "MonFax", "Message.txt", "0102030405")
<Result> = FaxSend(<Connection identifier> , <Fax name> , <Content file of fax> , <Fax number> [, <Name of cover file> [, <WLanguage procedure>]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the fax was sent,
  • False if an error occurred (in most cases, this error is caused by a configuration problem). To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo.
<Connection identifier>: Integer
Connection identifier, returned by FaxConnect.
<Fax name>: Character string
Name used to identify the outgoing fax. It will then be possible to know the report of the fax sent thanks to the FaxStatus function.
<Content file of fax>: Character string
Name and path of the file containing the text of the fax (a UNC path can be used). All the types of files that have a "Print" option in their popup menu in the explorer can be faxed.
Caution: Depending on the type of file to fax, the drivers and the applications required to manage this type of file must be installed on the computer. For example, to send a PDF file, the drivers required to manage the PDF format must be installed on the computer.
<Fax number>: Character string
Fax number of the recipient. Caution: if a specific area code or country code is required, it must specified.
<Name of cover file>: Optional character string
Name and path of the file containing the cover page of the fax. This file must use the format of cover pages (.cov). This file can also be created by the fax manager of Windows. For more details, see Sending faxes.
<WLanguage procedure>: Optional procedure name
Name of the WLanguage procedure ("callback") called whenever the status of the outgoing fax changes. This procedure is used to handle the fax.
This procedure has the following format:
PROCEDURE <Nom de la procédure>(<Nom du fax>, <Etat du fax>)

The parameters of this procedure are optional.
There is no need to pass parameters to this procedure. These parameters are automatically filled for each outgoing fax.

WLanguage procedure

Whenever the status of the outgoing fax changes, FaxSend automatically calls the <WLanguage procedure>. This procedure is a global or local procedure of WINDEV or WEBDEV.
To create this procedure:
  1. Create a global procedure in the code editor: on the "Code" tab, in the "Procedures" group, expand "New" and select "New global procedure".
  2. Fill the declaration of the procedure as follows:
    PROCEDURE <Nom de la procédure> (<Nom du fax>, <Etat du fax>)
    • <Fax name> is the name of the fax used. This name was given with the function FaxSend.
    • <Fax status> is one of the constants for fax status (see FaxStatus).
Caution: This procedure must contain no call to the debugger (no breakpoint, no STOP keyword, no auto-stop expression, etc.).
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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