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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage the menus:
MenuAddAdds an existing popup menu into the main menu of the current window.
MenuAddMenuAdds a new menu to an existing drop-down or context menu of a window or page.
MenuAddOptionAdds a new menu option after the last option of a menu (drop-down or contextual).
MenuAddPopupTransforms a menu option of a page in order for this option to open a popup.
MenuAddSeparatorAdds a new separator in a menu (drop-down or context menu).
MenuAddURLOptionAdds a new menu option at the bottom of a page menu (drop-down or context menu). This menu option opens the page that corresponds to the specified URL.
MenuCloneClones a menu or a menu option as well as the associated code.
MenuDeleteDeletes a menu or a menu option.
MenuExistIndicates whether a menu option exists in a menu.
MenuInsertMenuInserts a menu before another menu in a window.
MenuInsertOptionInserts a new option at a specific position.
MenuInsertSeparatorInserts a separator into a menu.
MenuInvisibleMakes a menu option invisible (popup menu or drop-down menu).
MenuIsMarkedUsed to find out whether a checkmark is displayed in front of a menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu).
MenuLabelGets or changes the label of a menu option (context or drop-down menu).
MenuMarkPositions the checkmark in front of the menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu).
MenuSelectMinusDisables (grays out) a menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu).
MenuSelectPlusEnables a menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu).
MenuStateIdentifies the state of a menu option (context menu or drop-down menu): active, inactive or invisible.
MenuUnMarkRemoves the checkmark displayed in front of the menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu).
The following functions can also be used to manage menus:
ControlContextMenuIdentifies the control on which the context menu was opened.
EmulateMenuEmulates the next menu that will be opened and automatically runs the menu option passed as parameter.
EnumMenuIn a loop, this function is used to enumerate the menu options of a window as well as the sub-options of a menu option.
EnumSubElementIn a loop, this function enumerates the drop-down or context menus of a window or control.
grMenuEnables or disables the context menu of a chart.
OpenContextMenuAutomatically opens a context menu for the current control or window.
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Managing the main menu of a window by programming Unit examples (WINDEV): Managing the main menu of a window by programming
[ + ] Handling the options found in the main menu of a window. This example is used to:
- Select or deselect a menu option
- Make a menu option visible or invisible
- Modifying the caption of a menu option
- Mark or unmark a menu option
- Run the code of a menu option
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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