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  • Configuration of the end-user computers
  • Enabling the DDW feature (DDW)
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Stored procedures
Gets and sets the dimming rate for windows that use the DDW (Dim Disabled Windows) feature.
The DDW feature is used to automatically dim disabled windows. For more details, see Dim disabled windows.
// -- Project initialization
// Change dimming rate
// Enable the DDW feature for all the application windows

Getting the dimming rate Hide the details

<Result> = WinRateDDW()
<Result>: Integer
Current dimming rate (between 0 and 100). The default dimming rate is set to 18%.

Changing the dimming rate Hide the details

<Result> = WinRateDDW(<Dimming rate>)
<Result>: Integer
Initial dimming rate (between 0 and 100).
<Dimming rate>: Integer
New dimming rate (between 0 and 100). The maximum value (100) will be used if the specified value is greater than 100. WinRateDDW will have no effect if a value less than 0 is specified. The default dimming rate is set to 18%.

Configuration of the end-user computers

Depending on the configuration of the end-user computers, the DDW feature may have no effect.
Indeed, the DDW feature is affected by the characteristics of the video card, the speed of the processor, ...
If a problem occurs, ask the end users to update the driver of their video card.
Remark: To operate, the end-user computers must:
  • have a display mode greater than 256 colors.
  • be in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
  • be running Windows 2000 or later.
  • use the maximum level of "Hardware acceleration" for the video card (advanced display properties of the computer).

Enabling the DDW feature (DDW)

To enable or disable the DDW feature, use WinActivateDDW.
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 06/07/2023

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