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  • Marks on axes
  • Types of charts
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Stored procedures
Indicates the step for the marks on the vertical/horizontal axis of a chart (which means the interval between two marks).
Reminder: The step for the marks is set to 0 by default. This step is adjusted to best fit the available space in the selected destination.
Versions 23 and later
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
New in version 23
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
// Chart created by programming
// Vertical axis of the chart with a step set to 5
grGraduate("MyChart", 5, grYCoordinate)
// Chart control
// Horizontal axis of chart with a step set to 10
grGraduate(CHART_MyChart, 10, grXCoordinate)
grGraduate(<Chart name> , <Step> [, <Type of axis>])
<Chart name>: Character string (with or without quotes)
Name of chart to use. This name corresponds to:
  • the chart name defined by programming with grCreate.
  • the name of Chart control found in the window editor, page editor or report editor.
PHP Only the interactive Chart controls are available.
<Step>: Real
Interval between two marks. If this parameter is equal to 0, the step will be adjusted to best fit the available space in the selected destination.
<Type of axis>: Optional constant
Type of the axis for which the step is defined:
(Default value)
Marks on the X axis.
Versions 18 and later
New in version 18
Marks on the Z axis (Surface chart only).
PHP This constant is not available.
grYCoordinateMarks on the y axis.
grSecondaryYCoordinateMarks on the secondary X axis.

Marks on axes

  • Limits: 100 marks above and 100 marks below the "X" axis.
  • The last mark displayed is the first multiple of <Step> greater than the highest data value. The entire data is displayed regardless of the destination dimension.
  • To modify the start and end marks on the horizontal, vertical or secondary axis of a chart, use grOrigin.
  • The data defined by grGraduate will be taken into account during the next call to grDraw.

Types of charts

The marks on axes have no effect on the Pie charts.
Related Examples:
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- Create a Pie, Column or Line chart
- Define the display area of a chart
- Define the chart options (legend, percentage, ...)
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The Chart control Unit examples (WINDEV Mobile): The Chart control
[ + ] Using the Chart control to display different types of charts:
- Pie (or pie chart)
- Line
- Column chart
- Area
Component: wd260grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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