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  • Overview
  • Characteristics of scales
  • General characteristics
  • Specific characteristics
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Stored procedures
In a chart, the scales are used to quickly estimate the value of different points found in a chart.
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose an advanced management of scales displayed in a Chart control.
Characteristics of scales

General characteristics

In most of the charts that include scales, the Chart control is used to:
  • define the step for the marks. By default, the marks are automatically calculated from the values found in the different series. To customize the marks, all you have to do is specify the requested step in "Mark" ("General" tab of control).
  • define the orientation of marks. By default, the orientation of marks is adapted to the space of marks. You have the ability to force the horizontal or vertical display of text of marks. To customize the orientation of the marks, all you have to do is select the requested orientation in the "General" tab of control.
  • define the minimum and maximum value of marks. By default, these values depend on the values found in the different series. It is possible to force these values in the "General" tab of the description of the Control.
  • define the space in pixels between 2 horizontal graduations ("Spacing" option in the "General" tab of the description of the Control).
  • define the format of vertical marks ("Format of the marks" in the "General" tab of control description).

Specific characteristics

You also have the ability to define specific scales:
  • Scale of x-axis spaced according to the time. This option operates with Date or Time data coming from:
    • a Table control,
    • a HFSQL item.
    • an array.
    This option cannot be used with a series filled by programming.
  • Scale of logarithmic Y coordinates.
  • Secondary scale: For each series, you have the ability to specify whether the scale used for the series if the standard scale or the secondary scale. The secondary scale is displayed on the right of the chart.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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