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Stored procedures
HCopyRecord_55 (Function)
In french: HCopieEnreg_55
HCopyRecord_55 is equivalent to HCopyRecord found in WINDEV 5.5.
This function is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).

From version 8, HCopyRecord has evolved and it now allows you to copy records between data files of different structures.
To benefit from these new features, use the new syntax of HCopyRecord.
The documentation available in WINDEV 5.5 is as follows.
Copying the current record of a data file into the current record of a data file with the same structure.
<ErrorCode> = HCopyRecord_55(<NameDestFile>, <NameSourceFile> [,<bCopyAutoID>])
  • <ErrorCode> is an integer containing an error code
  • <NameDestFile> is a character string containing the logical name of the destination file
  • <NameSourceFile> is a character string containing the logical name of the source file
  • <bCopyAutoID> is a boolean indicating whether the automatic identifier must be copied (True) or not non(False, default value).
HCopyRecord_55 copies the current record found in <Name of Source File> into the current record found in <NameDestFile>.
<NameDestFile> and <NameSourceFile> must have the same structure (one must be an alias of the other one or the two data files must be aliases of the same file).
If the record to copy contains an automatic identifier, you have the ability to copy it while keeping its value, via <bCopyAuto>=True. Be careful with duplicates.
HCopyRecord_55 returns in <Result> a code that is set to:
  • 0 if successful
  • 1 if <Name of Dest File> is unknown
  • 2 if <Name of Source File> is unknown
  • 3 if none of the files are aliases of each other
  • 6 if an error occurred in the parameters
  • 7 if Hyper File was not initialized
  • 8 if a problem occurred while copying the memo items
  • HCopyRecord_55 cannot be used with the xBase data files.
  • HCopyRecord_55 is not supported by the transactions.
  • HCopyRecord_55 cannot be used in external language (indeed, in external language, the structures can be duplicated in the "include" modules).
  • HAlias is used to describe the aliases of data files.
Component: wd260hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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