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Stored procedures
The print management functions are as follows:
iAddAttachmentAdds an attachment in a PDF file generated by a PDF print export.
iAddBookmarkAdds a bookmark in the report viewer or when exporting to PDF.
iBorderPrints a border at specified coordinates.
iChangeSubReportSourceModifies through programming the report associated with a sub-report in a composite report.
iCloseReportStops printing the current report immediately.
iColumnEndForces a column break in a multi-column report.
iColumnNumReturns the number of the current column in a multi-column report.
iConfigureConfigures the printer for a print performed in WLanguage:
  • by opening the configuration window.
  • by modifying the printer used for the current print.
iConfigureReportConfigures the printer by opening the configuration window (WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile).
iCreateFontCreates a new print font.
iCurrentFileReturns the name of the file currently generated.
iDestinationConfigures the print destination.
iDidotFontSelects the unit that will be used for the height of the fonts (created by iCreateFont): DIDOT point or PICA point.
iDirImageHTMLUsed to select the directory in which the images must be generated during a print in HTML format.
iDocumentCanceledUsed to find out whether the current print was canceled by the user.
iDocumentPrintedAllows you to find out whether the user has requested to print the document from the report viewer.
iEllipsePrints an ellipse (in a rectangle).
iEndPrintingSignals the end of the document to print and actually starts printing the data stored in the printer spooler via the following functions: iPrint, iPrintImage, iNewLine, etc.
iEndReportForces the report print to stop.
iEscapeSends an ESCAPE command or a data command to a printer.
iFontSelects the default font.
iForceComplementForces the printing of a Body Complement block.
iGroupAddAdds a report to a group of reports.
iGroupConfigureModifies the parameters of a report found in a group of reports.
iGroupPrintStarts printing a report found in a group of reports.
iHLinePrints an horizontal line at specified coordinates.
iHPosiHPos is kept for backward compatibility.
iImageHeightCalculates the height of the image to print (in millimeters).
iImageWidthCalculates the width of the image to print (in millimeters).
iInfoPrinterRetrieves the characteristics of the current or default printer.
iInitInternalReportInitializes the parameters of an internal report used by a report.
iInitReportQueryInitializes the query linked to the report (for a query with parameters).
iInitReportQueryConnectionInitializes the query linked to the report.
iInitSubReportInitializes the parameters of a subreport of a composite report.
  • the full name of the last file generated during the print (PDF, RTF, text, ...).
  • the list of created duplicate files.
iLinePrints a line at specified coordinates.
iLinkAdds a link to a URL address into the HTML page currently printed.
  • the list of nested reports currently printed (reports run by iPrintReport in one of the processes of the report currently printed).
  • the list of sequenced reports currently printed (iSequenceAdd).
iListPrinterReturns the list of printers installed on the current computer.
iMarginDefines the "logical" print margins.
iMMToPicaConverts the coordinates of a point (expressed in millimeters) into system coordinates.
iNestedHeaderFooterPrints (or not) the page headers and footers of nested report.
iNewLinePrints a line (in Windows standard, with a rounded end) at specified coordinates.
iPageEndForces the move to the next page during the report print.
iPageHeightCalculates the height of printable page (in millimeters) while taking the top or bottom margins into account.
iPageHeightLeftCalculates the available height (in millimeters) left on the current page while taking into account the defined margins (top or bottom).
iPageNumReturns or initializes the number of the page currently printed.
iPageWidthCalculates the width (in millimeters) of the printable page while taking the left or right margins into account.
iParameterRetrieves the printer configuration and configures the print.
iParameterDuplicateConfigures the automatic creation of the duplicate copy generated during the next print.
iParameterExportUsed to configure the exports performed from the report viewer:
  • parameters for sending emails.
  • parameters for creating the different files.
iParameterPDFDefines the options for the generated PDF file.
iParameterPreviewConfigures the print preview:
  • display a message regarding the resources of current computer.
  • display or not the ribbon panes (as well as the buttons found).
  • the export options available in the mini preview window.
iParameterReportConfigures the printer by opening the configuration window.
iParameterViewerConfigures the report viewer.
iParameterWatermarkAdds a watermark into a report (report created in the report editor or printed report).
iParameterXLSDefines the options for the XLS file generated during the print.
iPicaToMMConverts the coordinates of a point (expressed in system coordinates) into millimeters.
iPreviewConfigures the print destination.
iPrintSends the character string passed in parameter to the print buffer.
iPrintBarCodePrints a bar code (inside a rectangle).
iPrintBlockForces a report block to print.
iPrintBodyComplementForces a body complement block to print while specifying the height of complement block.
iPrintDocPrints a document in "docx" format.
iPrintDuplicatePrints a duplicate copy of a report.
iPrintImageSends the image file to print to the print buffer.
iPrintingNationModifies the current language for the next print (programmed print or report print).
iPrintPDFPrints the content:
  • of a PDF file.
  • of a buffer containing a PDF.
  • of a PDF Reader control.
iPrintReportPrints a report created with the report editor.
iPrintSignaturePrints an image of the signature in a rectangular area.
iPrintWordSends the character string passed in parameter to the print "buffer".
iPrintXLSPrints the current worksheet of a document in "xlsx" or "xls" format.
iPrintZonePrints a text in a rectangular area.
iPrintZoneHTMLPritns a text in HTML format in a rectangular area.
iPrintZoneRTFPrints rich text format (RTF) in a rectangular area.
iReportPrintingStatusReturns the status of the current print.
iResetRe-initializes the print settings (margins, font, paper format, orientation, ...) stored in the print library.
iResetNbPagesReinitializes the current number of pages, used in the preset controls such as "Number of pages" and "Page number and number of pages".
iRoundBorderPrints a border with rounded outlines at specified coordinates.
iSelectFontCreates a new print font from the standard window for font selection...
iSequencingAddAdds a report into a sequence of report prints.
iSequencingAddDocAdds a print of Word Processing document into a sequence of report prints.
iSequencingAddPDFAdds a print of PDF document into a sequence of report prints.
iSequencingAddXLSAdds a print of XLS orXLSX document into a sequence of report prints.
iSequencingPrintPrints a sequence of reports.
iSetAdditionalXMPAdds XMP tags to the metadata of the generated PDF file.
iSkipLineForces one or more line break.
iSkipPageGenerates a page break: the corresponding code is sent to the printer queue.
iSubstBlockSubstitutes one block of the report with another block while the report is printed.
iTextHeightCalculates the height of font for the text to print (en millimeters).
iTextWidthCalculates the width (in millimeters) of the text to print, according to the specified font.
iTransparentMagentaModifies the management mode of Magenta color in order for this color to be considered as being transparent (or not) in all the forthcoming prints.
iVLinePrints a vertical line at specified coordinates.
iVPosiVPos is kept for backward compatibility.
iWindowCancelConfigures the display of the window used to cancel the current print...
iXPosUsed to manage the horizontal position (X-coordinate) of print cursor in the page.
iYPosUsed to manage the vertical position (Y-coordinate) of print cursor in the page.
iZoneHeightCalculates the necessary height of a fixed-width area in order for the entire text using the current font to be printed in this area.
Related Examples:
WD Printout Parameters Sample components (WINDEV): WD Printout Parameters
[ + ] This example is used to illustrate the iParameter function.
This function is used to retrieve the different settings defined for a given printer.

The default printer settings can be modified in Windows directly.
Caution, these settings will be used in all your applications.

Managing the network printers:
To modify the default settings of a printer network, make sure that you have the rights for "Managing printers". Otherwise, the modifications made will be ignored.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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