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Stored procedures
MCIStatus (Function)
In french: MCIEtat
Returns the status of a media file that was opened beforehand (MCIOpen).
MCIOpen("Sound.wav", "MySound")
IF MCIStatus("MySound") = MciStatusPause THEN
<Result> = MCIStatus(<Media file or alias> [, <Parameters> [, <Name of the message window>]])
<Result>: Character String constant
File status (see the table below) or empty string if an error occurred. To get the error number, use MCIErr. To get more details on the error, use MCIMsgErr or ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
The status report of the command is returned by MCIRetrieve.
MciStatusNotReadyDrive not ready (no CD in the drive for example)
MciStatusOpenFile opened only.
MciStatusParkedThe player is parked: the player heads parked.
MciStatusPauseThe file is paused
MciStatusPlayThe file is opened and it is currently played
MciStatusRecordThe file is currently recorded
MciStatusSeekFind/seek in progress in the file
MciStatusStopThe file is stopped
<Media file or alias>: Character string
Name of the media file to be used (AVI, MP3, etc.) or alias defined when opening the file (MCIOpen).
<Parameters>: Optional character string
Additional parameters if necessary. These parameters can be known by checking the documentation of the Windows MCI function named "status".
The MciWait constant can be added to this string. This constant is used to indicate that the program must wait for the end of the MCI command to run the rest of application.
<Name of the message window>: Optional character string
Name of the window used to intercept and manage the different messages sent by MMSYSTEM.DLL. These messages are in MM_xxxxxx format and can be retrieved with Event. You can for example get messages regarding the management of the CD ROM or Joystick.
Component: wd280std.dll
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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