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Stored procedures
This function is kept for backward compatibility. It is recommended to use a standard FTP, SSH or SCP server. For more details, see Handling files on an FTP server and Standard FTP functions.
Lists the directories and the files found:
  • on the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or RPC (Remote Procedure Call) server powered by WINDEV,
  • on the client computer.
Remark: To allow (or not) the use of this function on an FTP/RPC server, call NetServerOption.
ConnectRPC is int
ConnectRPC = NetConnect("", RPCServer, "GUEST", "")
// Displays the list of directories and files found on the C drive: of the server
Info(NetDirList(ConnectRPC, "C:\*.*"))
<Result> = NetDirList([<Connection identifier>, ] <Name of Home Directory>)
<Result>: ANSI character string
List of directories and files (with their size) found on the server or on the client computer. This result has the following format:
<Directory1> + TAB + <Directory2> + TAB + ... + TAB + <DirectoryN> + CR + ...
<File1/Size of File 1 in KB> + TAB + <File2/Size of File 2 in KB> + ...
TAB + ... + TAB + <FileN/Size of File N in KB>
<Connection identifier>: Optional integer
Identifier of the connection for the client computer (returned by NetConnect). If this parameter is not specified, NetDirList returns the list of directories and files on the current client computer
<Name of Home Directory>: ANSI character string
Directory of the server or client computer whose files and sub-directories must be listed. The filter used for the search must be specified (*.* for example, .).
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/20/2023

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