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Stored procedures
Burn functions
The burn functions are as follows:
BurnerAddDirectoryAdds all the files found in a directory to the compilation.
BurnerAddFileAdds a file to the compilation.
BurnerCancelCancels the current burn process.
BurnerCompilationInfoRetrieves the characteristics of current compilation.
BurnerEjectOpens or closes the door of current burner.
BurnerEraseErases the files found on a rewritable CD or DVD.
BurnerListReturns the list of burners installed on the current computer.
BurnerMediaFoundUsed to find out whether the burner is empty or not.
BurnerMediaInfoRetrieves the characteristics of the CD/DVD found in the current burner.
BurnerMediaTypeUsed to find out and modify the format of the CD or DVD to burn.
BurnerPathReturns the path of the current burner.
BurnerPropertyUsed to find out and modify the properties of the current burner.
BurnerSaveBurns the files found in the compilation onto the CD or DVD.
BurnerSelectUsed to select the default burner.
BurnerStatusReturns the status of the current burner.
BurnerVolumeNameAllows you to find out or modify the name of the CD or DVD to burn.
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