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  • Operating mode in GO mode and at runtime
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Stored procedures
WINDEV Mobile and SIM cards
WINDEV Mobile allows you to access the information found in the SIM card of a cell phone via the SIM functions of WLanguage.
The SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is the chip found in a cell phone. Required to access the communication network, this smart card identifies the user and stores all the information about the network and about the subscription (phone number, type of contract, ...).
The SIM card also contains a personal directory. The SIM functions of WLanguage are used to manage the information found in this directory.
Remark: The personal directory found on the SIM card only contains the name and phone number of the contacts. Only this information can be used.
Required configuration
To be able to use the SIM functions, the application must be installed:
  • on a Pocket PC with phone access (GSM type).
  • and/or on a Smartphone.
Operating mode in GO mode and at runtime
In GO mode (simulation on the development computer), a WLanguage error occurs when a function for managing the SIM card is called.
The differences between GO mode (simulator) and real use are presented in Differences between GO mode and real use.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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