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Stored procedures
Returns the horizontal position (X) of the mouse cursor relative to the specified window or control. Used in a mouse or stylus process (click, hover, left or right button down, etc.).
You can get:
  • the position of the mouse (or stylus) when an Image control is clicked (function used in the "Click" event of the Image control).
  • the position of the mouse (or stylus) when hovering over a window (function used in the optional "Mouse hover" event of a window).
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    // "WIN_Drawing" window hovered by the mouse
    // Optional code of the window
    Message("Position of the mouse: X: " + MouseXPos() + "Y: " + MouseYPos())
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    // Displays a different message according to the location clicked
    IF MouseXPos() > 25 THEN
    Info("To the right")
    Info("To the left")
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    Retrieving the mouse position in a window Hide the details

    <Result> = MouseXPos([<Marker>])
    <Result>: Integer
    • Horizontal position (X-coordinate) of the mouse or stylus, in pixels. By default, this position is relative to the upper-left corner of the control on which the left mouse button was pressed.
    • -1 if an error occurred.
    <Marker>: Optional Integer constant
    Marker used to calculate the position:
    (Default value)
    Mouse position relative to the upper-left corner of the hovered control or window, depending on where the event occurs.
    mpImageMouse position in the Image control (relative to the upper-left corner).

    This constant should only be used when MouseXPos is called in an event associated with an Image control. Otherwise, MouseXPos will return -1.
    mpScreenMouse position in the screen (relative to the upper-left corner).
    mpWindowMouse position relative to the upper-left corner of the window.

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    The main error codes are as follows:
    • No window is opened.
    • No mouse click is performed.
    • MouseXPos is not called in a mouse event.
    • The click code is executed by Execute or ExecuteProcess.
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    • You can get the vertical position of the mouse or stylus with MouseYPos.
    • MouseXPos used in the selection code of row or table always returns 0.
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    The drawing functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The drawing functions
    [ + ] Using the main drawing functions of WINDEV to:
    - Initialize an Image control for drawing
    - Draw simple shapes
    - Write a text into a drawing
    - Change the color in a drawing
    Component: wd270obj.dll
    Minimum version required
    • Version 9
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    Last update: 06/22/2023

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