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  • Tip: How to speed up the execution time of SQLListTable?
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Stored procedures
List all the tables that can be accessed by the connected database system.
// Non-detailed list of tables
Str is string = SQLListTable(False)
Str = NoSpace(Str)
// Add into a List Box control
ListAdd(LIST_TableList, Str)
// Detailed list
Str is string = SQLListTable()
Str = NoSpace(Str)
// Add into a Table control
Str is string = SQLListTable()
Str = NoSpace(Str)
// Processes the first line returned
Str = ExtractString(Str, 1, CR)
// Extract the name of the table
Name = ExtractString(Str, 1)
// Extract the qualifier
Qual = ExtractString(Str, 2)
// Extract the owner
Prop = ExtractString(Str, 3)
// Extract the type of table
Type = ExtractString(Str, 4)
<Result> = SQLListTable([<Detailed list> [, <Elements to List>]])
<Result>: Character string
Characteristics (detailed or not) of each element listed for the current connection. These characteristics can be inserted into a list box by ListAdd.
  • Detailed characteristics:
    <Name of table> + TAB + <Qualifier> + TAB + <Owner of table> +
    TAB + <Type of table> + CR + <Name of table 2> + TAB + <Qualifier 2> +
    TAB + <Owner of table 2> + <Type of table 2> + CR +...
  • Non-detailed characteristics:
    <Name of Table 1> + CR + <Name of Table 2> + CR +...
<Detailed list>: Optional boolean
  • True (default value) to get a detailed list,
  • False to get a non-detailed list.
<Elements to List>: Optional boolean
  • True to list the tables and the views,
  • False (default value) to list:
    • via an OLE DB provider: the tables, the views and the system tables
    • via an ODBC driver: the tables, the views, the system tables, the aliases, ... Caution: this operation may be quite slow when accessing Oracle via ODBC because the ORACLE database includes an important number of tables.

Tip: How to speed up the execution time of SQLListTable?

The following syntax is recommended:
SQLListTable(False, True)
The second parameter is set to True to indicate that the temporary tables, the systems, the aliases, ... must not be listed.
Component: wd270hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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