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  • Use conditions
  • Events of the Table control
  • Reinitialize the Table control
  • Viewing the records found between two values
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Stored procedures
TableEnd (Function)
In french: TableFin
Stops the manual iteration of data file linked to a Table control based on a data file. After the call to TableEnd, the records found after the current record in the Table control will not be read.
// Stop browsing the file linked to the Table control "TABLE_ProductTable"
TableEnd([<Table control>])
<Table control>: Optional control name
Name of the Table control to be used.
If this parameter is not specified or is an empty string (""), the Table control used will be the one related to the current event.

Use conditions

  • TableEnd can be used on a single-selection or multi-selection Table control.
  • TableEnd must not be used on the Table controls based on a data file that use an automatic iteration.
WEBDEV - Server code Reminder: Multi-selection is not available for "classic" Table controls.

Events of the Table control

TableEnd can only be used in the following events of Table controls:
  • Initialization.
  • Reading the previous record.
  • Reading the next record.
WEBDEV - Server code TableEnd can only be used in the event "Initializing" of the Table control.

Reinitialize the Table control

After calling TableEnd in an event of a Table control, re-display the Table control data. For example:
TableDisplay(TABLE_TABLE1, taInit)

Viewing the records found between two values

To view the records corresponding to an interval of values in a Table control, we recommend that you use HFilter (instead of TableEnd).
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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