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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage videos:
VideoCaptureSaves the video currently transmitted by a "camera" as an image or a video sequence.
VideoConfigureAllows you to configure the video capture driver.
VideoDisplayDisplays in a Camera control the video sequence currently transmitted by a "web camera" or by the camera found on the mobile device.
VideoGenerateThumbnailGenerates a thumbnail of the specified photo or video.
VideoListDriverLists the video capture drivers installed on the current computer.
VideoListParameterLists the values supported by the device camera for a given parameter.
VideoParameterReturns or modifies the value of a parameter for the device camera.
VideoRequestPermissionRequests permission to use the device's camera.
VideoSetDriverConnects the "Camera" control to a specific driver for video capture.
VideoStartAppStarts the device's native camera application to record a video or to take a photo.
VideoStartDecodingStarts decoding bar codes in a Camera control.
VideoStatusReturns the status of a Camera control.
VideoStopStops playing or recording a video sequence in a Camera control.
VideoStopDecodingStops decoding a bar code in a Camera control.


  • The Videoxxx and Cameraxxx functions are identical.
  • dSaveImageJPEG saves the image from a Camera control:
    • in a JPEG file.
    • in memory.
  • dSaveImageBMP saves the image from a Camera control:
    • in a BMP file.
    • in memory.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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