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Stored procedures
From version 19, this feature is no longer available.
WINDEV Mobile allows you to synchronize the HyperFileSQL records used both by a WINDEV application and by a WINDEV Mobile application.
A synchronization can be customized. For example, you can:
  • Retrieve the backups concerning a specified product or the backups performed at a given date.
  • Manage the conflicts.
  • Display a configuration window.
To customize a synchronization, you must use a WINDEV library (.WDL file) containing a set of procedures.
An example of set of procedures (WDSYNCHRO.WDG) is supplied with WINDEV Mobile ("\Programs\Data\Templates\WDSynchro" directory of the setup directory of WINDEV Mobile). This set of procedures can be modified according to your own requirements.
How to proceed?
To customize a synchronization:
  1. Create a new project in WINDEV.
  2. In this project, create a set of procedures named "WDSynchro". This set of procedures must contain all the processes required by the synchronization.
    Tip: Import into your project the set of procedures named 'WDSynchro.wdg" supplied with WINDEV Mobile ("\Programs\Data\Templates\WDSynchro" directory of the setup directory of WINDEV Mobile). The comments for this set of procedures explain how to customize the synchronization process.
  3. Create in your project all the elements used by the set of procedures (window for managing conflicts, ...).
  4. Create the library associated with this project ("Workshop .. Library .. Generate the library").
  5. The created library must be found in a directory:
    • Accessible by WDSynchro if you want to test the custom synchronization.
    • Accessible when creating the setup program to install a custom synchronization.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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