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Stored procedures
From version 19, this feature is no longer available.
WINDEV Mobile allows you to synchronize the HyperFileSQL records used both by a WINDEV application and by a WINDEV Mobile application.
The two applications manage the same data independently of each other.
During the synchronization, the modifications performed in the database handled by the PC are automatically applied to the Pocket PC (and conversely).
This synchronization is automatically performed via ActiveSync when the Pocket PC is connected to the PC.
This synchronization can be customized. For example, you can:
  • Retrieve the backups concerning a specified product or the backups performed at a given date.
  • Manage the conflicts.
  • Display a configuration window.
The synchronization can be configured:
  • For your tests, via WDSynchro: you will have the ability to check a synchronization between the development computer and a Pocket PC.
  • For the applications deployed, when creating the setup program of the application.
Remark: You are using Windows Vista:
In Windows Vista, ActiveSync is now called "Windows Mobile Device Center". By default, a limited version is installed on the computers equipped with Windows Vista. To perform the synchronizations, the full version must be installed. See the Microsoft site for more details (http://www.microsoft.com/france/windowsmobile/devicecenter.mspx).
Starting WDSynchro
To start WDSynchro:
  • from WINDEV Mobile: on the "Tools" pane, in the "Database" group, click "WDSynchro".
  • run "WDSynchro.EXE" found in the "\Programs" sub-directory of WINDEV Mobile.

Use conditions

WDSynchro cannot be redistributed. WDSynchro cannot be installed with the applications developed with WINDEV Mobile.
To use WDSynchro, WINDEV Mobile must necessarily be installed on the current computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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