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  • Viewing a CDB file
  • Modifying a CDB file
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Stored procedures
Viewing a CDB file
To view a CDB file found on the Mobile Device (Pocket PC or Smartphone):
  1. Select the file to view with the [...] button. The explorer is displayed: this explorer lists the files found on the Mobile Device. You have the ability to select the CDB database to view.
  2. Select the database table to view.
  3. The records found in the selected table are displayed.
Special case for Windows Mobile 5: Windows Mobile 5 does no longer allow you to access a standard database (tasks, contacts, appointments, ...) from a Windows application (and therefore from a WINDEV application).
Modifying a CDB file
To modify a CDB file:
  1. Display the records of the CDB file (see above).
  2. To add a record, click the [New] button and enter the values of the different items in the window that is displayed. Click the [Validate] button to validate.
  3. To modify a record, select the record in the table and click the [Modify] button. The current record is displayed in a new window. You can modify the values of the record items before validating this window.
  4. To delete a record, select the record in the table and click the [Delete] button.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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