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  • Overview
  • WDSurveillance
  • Operating mode of WDSurveillance
  • What is the monitoring robot made of?
  • Configuration required to use WDSurveillance
  • Using WDSurveillance
  • Running WDSurveillance
  • Use conditions
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Stored procedures
From version 15, this feature is not available anymore. You now have the ability to monitor a Web server via the Monitoring robot.


The monitoring robot WDSurveillance is used to monitor a Web server that runs dynamic WEBDEV sites. Therefore, any problem that occurs (access to the server interrupted, Web users unable to connect to the WEBDEV sites of this server, ...) can be signaled to the site manager or to the server administrator.
Operating mode of WDSurveillance
WDSurveillance starts at regular time intervals a "micro" WEBDEV site used to test the WEBDEV engine. If this site cannot be started properly, WDSurveillance runs a set of preset tasks:
  • sending an email.
  • restarting the Web server (Apache, IIS, ...).
  • restarting the WEBDEV administrator.
  • running a specific application.
  • restarting the computer.
  • To send emails, an email account must be defined for the monitoring robot. This email account is not supplied by PC SOFT.
  • If the server monitors itself, the WEBDEV administrator must be installed on this server as service (Windows NT or 2000).
What is the monitoring robot made of?
The monitoring robot includes:
  • WDSurveillance, module for configuring the monitoring service. This module is installed on the computer from which the monitoring will be done.
  • WDVeille, module used to check the operating mode of the Web server. This module is installed on the Web server to monitor. This module is supplied with WEBDEV Deployment version.
  • WDSrvVeille, service installed on the computer from which the monitoring will be performed. This module is used to start WDVeille on the server and to perform the requested action.
Configuration required to use WDSurveillance
The following configuration is required to use WDSurveillance:
Using WDSurveillance

Running WDSurveillance

To start WDSurveillance, run "WDSurveillance.EXE" directly.

Use conditions

WDSurveillance cannot be redistributed.
To use WDSurveillance, WEBDEV must necessarily be installed on the current computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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