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WDTestSite: Creating a scenario
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The scenario is a text file (".WCN" extension) containing all the operations performed when recording the scenario.
Creating a scenario
To create a scenario, the following elements must be installed on the current computer:
  • WEBDEV Development Version or WEBDEV Application Server.
  • the WEBDEV site used to create the scenario.
We advise you to create this scenario on the Web server where the WEBDEV site is installed (deployment computer).

Creating a scenario on the deployment computer

To create a scenario on the deployment computer:
  1. Start WDTestSite (double-click WDTestSite.EXE for example).
  2. Check whether the WEBDEV server used corresponds to "Local computer".
  3. Check whether the WEBDEV administrator is started ("Programs .. WEBDEV 27.. WEBDEV administrator" from the "Start" menu).
  4. Click the "New" button.
  5. Specify the name and description of the scenario. The description can correspond to a summary of the features checked in the scenario. This description will be used to easily identify the scenario and its features.
    • The scenario description cannot be modified thereafter.
    • If the scenario name corresponds to a scenario that already exists on this computer, the existing scenario will be replaced with the new one.
  6. Click on "Save": the test page of WEBDEV administrator is displayed.
  7. Select the WEBDEV site used to create the scenario.
  8. Perform all the necessary operations in the WEBDEV site.
    • To test the load capacity of the server regarding an important number of simultaneous connections, we advise you to leave the site connected after the last action: when recording the scenario, do not use any button or link used to close the site.
    • To test the regression of a site or the management of concurrent accesses, you can exit from the site (via a link or a button) when recording the scenario.
  9. To end the scenario recording, click the "Done" button in WDTestSite.
    The scenario (".WCN" file) is created in the "Scenario" sub-directory of the directory containing "WDTestSite.EXE".
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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