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  • Details of "Connections" tab
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Stored procedures
WEBDEV administrator: Characteristics of current connections
The "Connections" tab gives various information about the current connections. This information can be consulted at any time on the server.
Details of "Connections" tab
The following information is displayed in the "Connections" tab:
  • the number of current connections indicates the total number of connections to the dynamic WEBDEV sites managed by the administrator.
  • the table of current connections indicates for each connection:
    • the connection identifier,
    • the site affected by the connection,
    • the identity of connected client. At run time, the client is identified by its IP address or by its Internet address,
    • the current connection time,
    • the idle time of connection.
  • the option Automatic refresh allows to automatically update the table with the different current connections.
The "Connections" tab also allows you to:
  • Run the test of sites installed on the computer:
    Select the site in the drop-down list box and click "Run the test". This test mode is used to run the test of options specific to the management of cookies on the development computer.
  • Stopping a running Connection: Select one of the connections and click "Disconnect".
  • Stop all current connections and close the administrator: click "Disconnect all".
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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