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  • Opening a window containing a viewing table
  • Opening a window containing a selection table
  • Opening a form window
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Stored procedures
Object RAD: Opening a non-MDI window
From version 12, this feature is kept for backward compatibility.
Opening a window containing a viewing table
A window with a table (in edit or in read-only) expects no parameter.
Syntax: Open(WindowName)
In this syntax, WindowName corresponds to the name of the Table window to open.
During the initialization process of the window, the parameters of the table (file browsed, item browsed, ...) are read in order to be taken into account by the class.
Opening a window containing a selection table
A selection window (or "Vision +" window) returns a boolean. This boolean is used to define whether a record was selected (or not) in the window.
If a record was selected, this record becomes the current record.
The following syntax is used to open a selection window:
// Open the Vision+ window
IF Open(Vision_CUSTOMER) = True THEN
        // Select the correct value in the combo box
        // No selection
        Info("No record was selected")
Opening a form window
A Form window is used to create or modify a record but also to browse a file.
When opening a Form window, the opening mode of the window (stored in the string variable named sOpeningMode) must be passed in parameter to the Form window>.
This variable can take the following values:
  • "Creation"
  • "Modif"
  • "Browse"
A Form window can also be used on a relation file. In this case, the sOpeningMode variable contains the relation key that will be used when opening the window. For example:
Syntax to use:
<Result> = Open(<Window Name>, sOpeningMode)
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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