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New WINDEV 27 feature!
  • Overview
  • New features in Update 1 (version 270103)
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Stored procedures
Here are the new features that you will discover in this version. Several improvements have been made to this version.
New features in Update 1 (version 270103)
Window editor
  • Pivot Table control: Remember last criteria selected: "Remember user settings" option ("Details" tab of the control description window).
  • Windows 11: new display mode for scrollbars:
    In Windows 11, scrollbars use two different aspects depending on whether or not they are in use. To use this display mode in your controls, go to the the "Style" tab of the control description window, select "Scrollbar" and check "Reduce when not hovered over".
Cross-platform components
  • Ability to create an external cross-platform component available in Windows, Linux, Websites, Android and iOS.
AAF (Automatic Application Features)
  • Pivot Table control: New options in the context menu:
    • Remember size and groups,
    • Restore size and groups.
git and GitHub
  • "git clone" command available in the environment: Open a GIT project directly from the environment.
  • AAFExecute, AAFDisable and AAFEnable:
    • aafPvtRememberGroup and aafPvtRestoreGroup, new constants to remember and restore the size and groups of Pivot Table controls.
    • aafPvtCollapseAll, new constant to collapse the entire Pivot Table control.
  • New functions for the Diagram Editor control:
    • DiagramStartModification: Indicates the start of a series of actions performed in a Diagram document in a single event ("undo/redo").
    • DiagramEndModification: Indicates the end of a series of actions performed in a Diagram document in a single event ("undo/redo").
    • DiagramToSVG: Exports a diagram to an SVG image.
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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