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New WINDEV 24 feature!
  • Overview
  • New "Update 2" features (version 240077)
  • New "Update 1" features (version 240075)
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List of new features that you will discover in this upgraded version. Several improvements have been made to this version.
This help page presents:
New "Update 2" features (version 240077)
Word Processing control :
  • The insertion of a document containing a table in a table has been optimized.
  • In some cases, "DocOpen" could cause an error.
  • Optimization of DocReplace:
    • Use in a fragment: all the instances found are now replaced.
    • Possibility of replacing a text in italics.
  • In some cases, a docx document could not be opened in a Word Processing control.
  • The modification of the text of a bookmark was not taken into account sometimes.
Pivot Table control
  • Control based on a query: the time period comparison has been optimized.
  • pvtPosition variables can now be used in an internal window.
  • Telemetry data may not be updated when changing to another project.
Setup editor
  • Improved management of automatic data modification.
  • Improved implementation of a custom installer.
New "Update 1" features (version 240075)
  • Online product registration.
  • New WINDEV update management mode (Automatic update).
Window editor
  • Dockable Panel control: The Dockable Panel controls are now managed by layouts. The Dockable Panel control is automatically dissociated when the layout is created.
  • Numerous features have been improved in the Source Code Manager. The Source Code Manager is now more efficient. It has been optimized (deletion of unwanted messages, improved style management, improved branch management).
  • Faster operations performed in 3G and ADSL. This speed optimization also applies (to a lesser extent) to operations performed with an SCM Client/Server mode. To take advantage of this optimization, the repository must be updated to the latest version. To migrate the repository to the new format:
    • Start the SCM administrator: on the "SCM" pane, in the "Repository" group, expand "Manage" and select "SCM administrator".
    • Connect to the SCM administrator as administrator.
    • On the "Tools" pane, in the "Maintenance" group, click "Migrate to the most recent format".
  • Check-in policy: It is now possible to define an additional criterion: "No programming standard errors".
  • docCell variable: New properties:
    • ..ColSpan: Used to find out the number of cells merged horizontally with a cell.
    • ..RowSpan: Used to find out the number of cells merged vertically with a cell.
    • ..Merged: Used to find out whether a cell is merged.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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