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  • Overview
  • New features and improvements in "Update 3" (version 290088)
  • New features and improvements in "Update 2" (version 290076)
  • New features and improvements in "Update 1" (version 290061)
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Stored procedures
Here are the main new features and improvements in this update. Several improvements have been made in this version.

New features and improvements in "Update 3" (version 290088)
  • The Ansi/Unicode conversion process has been optimized to speed up all operations involving Ansi and Unicode strings.
    This new method also reduces potential lost characters when converting data from one charset to another.
  • New functions:
    • InUnitTestMode: Determines if there is a unit test in progress.
    • InApplicationTestMode: Determines if there is an application test in progress.
New features and improvements in "Update 2" (version 290076)
Project editor
  • Simplified project creation wizard.
Report editor
  • Control style: The "Style" tab of the control description has been redesigned. The options for choosing different styles, disassociating, or viewing the uses of a style are now easier to access.
Code editor
  • Code wizard: The generated WLanguage code adapts to the language selected in the code editor options (English or French).
  • Spatial indexes available in Client/Server mode.
  • Spatial index support in SQL queries.
  • Ability to export spatial data to CSV.
HFSQL Control Center
  • Ability to list spatial keys.
  • The following functions have been renamed:
    • fTrackFile is now fWatchFile
    • fTrackDirectory is now fWatchDirectory
    • fTrackStop is now fWatchStop
    • fTrackStopAll is now fWatchStopAll
    • HListTrackedFiles is now HListWatchedFiles
    • HTrack is now HWatch
    • HTrackStop is now HWatchStop
  • New WLanguage functions
    • HListSpatialKeys: Returns the spatial keys of a data file (used in a query or view) recognized by the HFSQL engine.
  • New variable type
    • Comment: Comment variables are used to programmatically read and edit the notes associated with XLSX sheet cells.
  • Modified functions
    • dbgEnableLog: New parameter to specify the time before old log information is deleted.
  • Docusign
    • Imported Docusign components adapt to the language selected in the editor.
    • The Docusign component available with this release includes numerous changes and improvements.
Monitoring robot
  • New type of check: Server certificate expiration date verification.
  • "HTTP connectivity" check: Ability to add additional headers to be passed to the query.
  • Ability to allocate an object with a parameter in the constructor.
  • Ability to call instance methods.
New features and improvements in "Update 1" (version 290061)
Project editor
  • Faster compilation of multilingual projects.
Data model editor
  • Project with multiple analyses: If different analyses use files and items with the same names, these elements will be "hidden" in non-priority analyses. You can now get the list of hidden elements from the "Analysis" tab of the project description window.
  • You can now define compiler options for procedures stored in the analysis. These options can be found in the "Compilation" tab of the analysis description window.
Query editor
  • Returning.
Page editor
  • Control style: The "Style" tab of the control description has been redesigned. The options for choosing different styles, disassociating, or viewing the uses of a style are now easier to access.
  • New UI errors in the following cases:
    • Font too small. Ability to set minimum font size in the page editor options.
    • Font not found. Font files are not found.
  • Guided Tour: The internal pages used as Guided Tour tooltips have been renamed.
  • List of fonts used on a page: On the "Page" tab, in the "Skin and styles" group, the "Styles .. Edit font list" option allows you to view, delete or add fonts for the current page.
Code editor
  • Now, you can use the Down Arrow key to go over the lines of code one by one.
Image editor
  • Sizing handles in the work area.
  • Ability to create guides.
  • Better display.
  • Optimized branch creation after deleting numerous files (remote connection to SCM).
  • Ability to propagate changes from one branch to another.
  • Ability to add a project to Git from the environment.
  • HFSQL Cluster:
    • Ability to use HCopyFile.
    • Improved synchronization.
  • Spatial data:
    • Indexing.
  • TOP query: Optimization of queries that perform simultaneous iterations on a composite key.
  • Ability to perform a silent installation of an HFSQL server for Linux.
HFSQL Control Center
  • Server language: Ability to change the language used by HFSQL 2024 servers. This information can be found in the server settings ("General" tab).
  • HFSQL Cluster management: It is now possible to import an HFSQL Classic database into a cluster.
  • New display options in HFSQL Control Center (ability to display Text items on multiple lines, etc.).
Project Management Hub
  • New contributor login: When a new contributor logs in to the Control Center database from the Project Management Hub, they can create a new account and specify a nickname, schedule, etc. Only the username and password of an administrator are required.
Site deployment
  • Ability to install websites larger than 2 GB.
  • Remote website deployment:
    • Faster deployment.
    • Notification if the deployment computer has low disk space.
WEBDEV administration site
  • WEBDEV Cluster:
    • Ability to view the synchronization status of the different cluster nodes.
    • Ability to view synchronization errors of the different cluster nodes.
    • Ability to update the Application Server on the different cluster nodes.
  • Two-factor authentication: If two-factor authentication is enabled in the WEBDEV administration site, it will also be used for remote site deployment and for WEBDEV administrator functions.
  • New COMPILE IF syntax to compile different code if a project element is included in the current configuration.
  • COMPILE IF statements that enclose a procedure.
  • New WLanguage functions:
    • XMLVerifySignature: Verifies the signature of an XML node.
  • Modified WLanguage functions:
    • BuildBrowsingTable: The new taSingleLineColumn and taMultiLineColumn constants allow you to indicate whether the text column should should support one or multiple lines.
    • HCopyFile: This function can now be used to copy data files to an HFSQL cluster.
    • XMLOpen: New parameter to specify the XML code analysis mode.
  • New WLanguage types:
    • xmlSignatureVerification: Defines the information required to verify an XML signature.
  • Nullable variable.
  • Version 8 support.
  • Support of 'oneOf', 'anyOf' and 'allOf' keywords.
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