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WEBDEV allows you to define stackable controls: the stackable controls can be displayed above other controls.
A stackable control can be anchored in relation to its container or in relation to another page control.
How to proceed?

Defining an anchor on stackable controls

To define an anchor on stackable controls:
  1. Select the stackable control.
    Reminder: To define a stackable control, check "The control can be stacked" in the "GUI" tab of the description window of control.
  2. Define the element anchoring:
    • in the "GUI" tab of the description window of element.
    • via "Anchor" from the popup menu of relevant element.
  3. The following window is displayed:
    In this window, the options are as follows:
    • Follow the move of reference control: Select the reference control of stackable control. This control can be:
      • The container associated with the control (a Cell control or the page containing the control for example).
      • Another control of same parent (a control associated with the cell for example).
      • Another page control (not stackable).
    • Anchoring point on the reference control: Click the point in the reference control according to which the stackable control will be anchored.
      Note: the number of possible anchoring points may change according to the selected element.
    • Management of the size: You have the ability to define the evolution of the control size:
      • the control can keep the size defined in the editor,
      • the control can be enlarged according to the change of browser size or container size. In this case, you must specify whether the enlargement of the control is performed in relation to the browser (or container) or in relation to the content.
  4. Validate. The stackable control is anchored.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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