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  • Debugging a project in Android
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  • InTestMode function
  • Add the debug application generated to your Firebase console
  • Unavailable features
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All developers appreciate the possibility to debug an application directly on the device.
How to trace a feature that cannot be effectively emulated on a PC: GPS location, embedded printer, scanner, access to phone contacts and calendar, photo and video recording, gestures (delete rows by swiping, etc.)...
In version 25, WINDEV Mobile allows you to debug an under-development Android application directly on the device.
The principle is straightforward: When the project is executed in "Debug on mobile device" mode, the Android application is generated with a specific name (GO <Project name>) and executed on the Android device connected to the development computer. You can add breakpoints in the WLanguage code. As soon as a breakpoint is encountered, the debugger will automatically be launched on the development computer.
How to?

Debugging a project in Android

To debug a project in Android:
  1. Run the project test using the quick access buttons:
  2. If the application has never been generated, a warning message proposes to launch the Android application generation wizard.
    Remark: the generation wizard can also be launched if important changes have been made in the application (addition of a Map control, etc.).
  3. The application is generated and launched on the Android device connected to the development computer in "Debugger" mode.
  4. The code editor is displayed in debugger mode on the development computer.

InTestMode function

InTestMode returns True in the following cases:
  • If the project is tested on the device from WINDEV Mobile.
  • If the <Project name>.go application is launched on the Android device.

Add the debug application generated to your Firebase console

The new debug application package generated by WINDEV Mobile has the same name as the original application package with the ".go" extension. For example, if the name of your application package is "com.wmsport.android", the name of the debug application package will be "com.wmsport.android.go".
If you use Google services that require enabling Firebase in your application (such as push notifications):

Unavailable features

Some features of the debugger are not available in this version:
  • F8 to change processes or events.
  • Run until cursor.
  • Define next statement.
  • Particular breakpoint modes (ignore intermediate breakpoints, ignore timers, etc.).
  • Automatic evaluations (identifiers of current lines of code, return values, local and global variables, members of this, HFSQL (Out, Error...), WLanguage (Error...)).
  • HFSQL information (data files, queries, etc.).
  • System information (critical sections, semaphores, etc.).
  • Save the results of a query.
  • Fix and continue.
  • Audit, profiler, memory.
  • Trace, error, exception.
  • Breakpoints in internal procedures.
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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