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New WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile 26 feature!
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WINDEV Mobile 25 Benefit from the 160 common new features of version 25
Version 25 offers 160 common new features.
Of course, WINDEV Mobile 25 benefits from most of these 160 common new features, especially: Business controls, WINDEV Mobile in WINDEV environment, management of PDF files, management of YAML, GITHub, project portfolios, creation of SCM branches on several projects, new features in the code editor, OOP, HFSQL Spare servers, etc.
Of course, WINDEV Mobile 25 also benefits from many new features specific to the mobile world. Learn more in the following pages.
22 Business controls for WINDEV Mobile
The new Business Field concept allows you to benefit from sophisticated and customizable behaviors in WINDEV Mobile (see news 001 to 006).
You will save a lot of time and benefit from a state-of-the-art UI.
Among the Smart controls provided with WINDEV Mobile 25, you will find:
  • timer button
  • download button
  • counter
  • Facebook login
  • gallery
  • clock
  • bar code reader
  • menu with round buttons
  • PIN code input
  • voice input
  • color picker
  • date and date range picker
  • language selector
  • finger signature
  • dashboard
  • different looper control templates
  • ...
Reminder : WINDEV can open WINDEV Mobile projects
To facilitate the development of cross-platform applications, WINDEV can open WINDEV Mobile projects (and WEBDEV projects as well).
This avoids unnecessary duplication and manipulation. Sharing elements is easy.
The same project can contain WINDEV, iOS and Android configurations (and even WEBDEV configurations).
In edit mode, you can seamlessly switch from one configuration to another.
Remark: it is of course necessary to have a WINDEV Mobile (and/or WEBDEV) license.
PDF Reader control for Mobile applications
The new PDF Reader control allows the user to read PDF files without leaving the application.
From a technical standpoint, the PDF file does not have to be accessible outside the application. It can be located in an HFSQL database, or retrieved from a Webservice...
The developer can also be sure about the PDF display mode, and can provide detailed instructions.
All users of an application with the PDF control will have the same operating mode.
The PDF Reader control allows users to:
  • zoom.
  • change pages.
  • select and copy text (or not).
  • print (or not).
  • share (or not).
  • perform searches.
  • ...The PDF Reader control also prevents easily exporting confidential documents.
Viewing a PDF document without leaving the application: invoice
Viewing a PDF document without leaving the application: invoice
PDF preset window for WINDEV Mobile 25
A preset window is proposed when a PDF control is created.
This preset window features an ActionBar with all the necessary functionalities: zoom, go to a page, print, share, ...
Everything can be customized.
Easy MBAAS with WINDEV Mobile 25
An MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) solution is a cloud-based software architecture that provides mobile applications with access to storage devices, databases and other resources (such as Webservices) that they may need to operate.
WINDEV Mobile 25 and WEBDEV 25 allow you to easily implement MBaaS solutions.
Password control : show with eye icon
In version 25, the Password control can display an "eye" icon on the right.
When the user clicks on this eye, the password becomes visible.
End users can choose to see or not to see the password they type
End users can choose to see or not to see the password they type
Improved default table look
As you know, WINDEV Mobile features a powerful Table control.
This control offers a wide range of customization parameters.
In previous versions, all the parameters were customized manually: different margins, ...
Developers used to ignore this phase!
In version 25, the default settings of a Table control are positioned for a modern and pleasant look.
Default tables look much better!
Before / After: margins, spacing, sort icons are automatically added.
Before / After: margins, spacing, sort icons are automatically added.
Refactoring old tables
For existing tables in applications developed before version 25, the "Improve UI" option allows you to apply the new layout settings.
In 1 click, your old tables will bathe in the "fountain of youth"!
Image control : display PDFs
The powerful PDF Reader control is available in version 25.
But for simple cases, or to display a thumbnail of a PDF file, it is possible to view a PDF page in an Image control and lighten the UI.
In version 25, the Image control can display a given page of a PDF document.
Automatic management (or not) of dark theme
Dark themes are in vogue, and help to slightly increase battery life.
At runtime, the application will automatically switch to a dark theme if the OS is configured in a dark theme.
This function can be disabled.
When an application switches to a dark theme, this application uses the dark skin provided by WINDEV Mobile.
To finely manage the display options, the SysThemeDark WLanguage function allows you to know if the OS is in dark mode.
2 New skin templates for Mobile devices
The Phoenix and Ankaa skin templates for mobile are provided with version 25: use them as you like to customize your apps!
Cross-platform : Ability to hide Windows CE in the environment
As you know, WINDEV Mobile 25 also allows you to create (and maintain) applications for Windows CE.
Today, this is mostly used for maintaining existing industrial applications.
Many developers do not have to work with Windows CE.
To lighten the environment interface for these developers, it is now possible to hide Windows CE options in the environment.
The environment is thus lighter.
Universal replication : Automatic structure update
In mobile applications, replication is often used to make them work offline.
In version 25, Universal Replication automatically propagates automatic changes in the structure of data files (tables) when necessary.
Android + iOS project creation
In version 25, you can create an iOS + Android project in a single step.
2 project configurations are automatically created.
A multiple platform selection is available in version 25.
New WLanguage functions : ssh (remotely send shell commands)
SSH functions are used to run commands on remote computers.
In version 25, these functions are available on Mobile.
User groupware on Mobile, authentication & account management
In version 25, the User Groupware is available on Mobile: phone and tablet.
The operating mode is similar to WINDEV's User Groupware.
The architecture has been adapted to Mobile.
It is possible to use the User Groupware while being connected to the Internet or offline: The rights information is replicated on the device.
A configurable expiry date makes it possible to secure "offline" mode.
Example of authentication automatically generated by Mobile User Groupware
Example of authentication automatically generated by Mobile User Groupware
Management of accounts
Full login/password management is available:
  • account creation.
  • validation of account creation by email.
  • management of forgotten passwords.
  • change password.
  • ability to log in with Google or Facebook or Instagram id (oAuth).
  • cancel, temporarily block an account.
  • ...
End users can be allowed to create their accounts directly. This is particularly useful for public applications.
It is also possible to allow only certain contacts to create an account: users' email address (or domain name) must be specified by the administrator.
Management of rights
Mobile User Groupware allows managing rights for end users or groups of users.
Example of rights:
  • non-accessible window.
  • invisible control.
  • the control is grayed.
Rights are defined in the User Groupware administration site. See New feature 700.
Automatically adapt your applications' UI : invisible controls, non-accessible windows
The content of the windows in your applications automatically adapts to the rights assigned to end users. Controls (edit, static, button, etc.) can be grayed out or invisible
You can also make a window inaccessible. It is thus possible to hide controls that contain sensitive information.
On the phone on the left, the user has all the rights: all the controls are displayed. On the phone on the right, the user has fewer rights: the sales control is hidden, the "Restock" button is grayed out.
Groupware : account and rights administration
The User Groupware is managed via a website that can be accessed on the Internet or Intranet.
When the site is hosted on an Intranet, the mobile device must have access to the network: e.g. be connected to the same WiFi network.
The administration website comes as standard.
The User Groupware administrator sets the parameters for creating accounts and managing rights.
Note that the administrator does not know the passwords users have created.
Remark: a hosting service provider (PCSCloud.net, etc.) or one of your servers is required to run the administration site.
Groupware portal
Groupware portal
Common new features for mobile
iOS development has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 25. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to all the existing ones.
iOS evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 25.
WINDEV Mobile 25 for iOS benefits from the general common features of version 25, plus features common to mobile devices: Business controls, User groupware on Mobile, PDF Reader, table look by default, dark theme management, ...
And in addition to the general common new features, in addition to the common new features specific to mobile devices, version 25 offers the following new features for iOS.
iOS 13, iPhone 11
The new iOS 13 version is supported by WINDEV Mobile 25.
Applications compiled with WINDEV Mobile 25 run on iPhone 5S and later models (iOS 11 or later).
In the case of iPads, applications run on all models since the release of the 1st-generation iPad Air (2013).
iPad OS
From now on, iPad's operating system is no longer called iOS (as for iPhone), but iPadOS.
WINDEV Mobile 25 supports iPadOS.
iPadOS offers additional features compared to iOS.
WINDEV Mobile 25 supports the following additional features:
  • split view.
  • slide over.
  • opening several windows of an application simultaneously.
  • widget.
  • dark theme.
  • ...
Apple Watch series 5
Apple Watch Series 5 is supported.
Anchors allow you to automatically manage the 2 screen sizes.
Compilation of tablet apps for Mac (Catalyst)
WINDEV Mobile 25 allows you to create applications to run on Mac.
These are Catalyst applications, which offer a runtime mode similar to that of tablets (iPad).
Apple Sign In : authentication system
Sign In with Apple is a standard authentication system.
This system allows users to sign in to your application using their Apple IDs.
Your application only retrieves an authorization (and some information) or a refusal.
WINDEV Mobile 25 supports Sign In with Apple. The new AppleSignIn WLanguage function family is introduced.
Sign In with Apple button
Sign In with Apple button
Edit control : additional masks
New input masks are introduced for iOS:
  • IP address.
  • Uppercase.
  • 1st letter in uppercase.
  • INSEE number (France).
  • SIRET number (France).
  • ...
A Widget is a window that appears on the phone or tablet home screen.
WINDEV Mobile 25 also allows you to create and debug Widgets.
WINDEV Mobile now supports iPhone and iPad Widgets.
Widgets on an iPad
Widgets on an iPad
See Develop an iOS Widget application for more details.
URI select WLanguage function : in iOS too!
URI functions allow you to display local files or files accessible from the phone
URI functions allow you to display local files or files accessible from the phone
On iPhone, as in Android, it is possible to manage "external" (installed) or local files from the phone.
The URI function family is now available for iPhone and iPad.
You can then program the processes of your choice on the selected files.
APPStore, April 2020
From April 2020, Apple will require that all applications submitted to the store be adapted to iPadOS.
Thanks to WINDEV Mobile 25, you don't have to do anything in particular. Your applications are already compatible!
3 new properties
3 new properties for iOS are available in WLanguage.
Common new features for mobile
Android development has never been more powerful than with WINDEV Mobile 25. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to all the existing ones.
Android evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 25.
WINDEV Mobile 25 for Android benefits from the general common features of version 25, plus new features common to mobile devices: Business controls, User groupware on Mobile, PDF Reader, table look by default, dark theme management, ...
In addition to the general common new features and the common new features specific to mobile devices, version 25 offers the following new Android-specific features.
Faster compilation for GO
In version 25, compiling Android applications to perform a "GO" is much faster.
The gain is between 20% and 60%, depending on the type of application.
Android 10 support
Version 25 supports Android 10.
Note that the minimum Android version supported to run applications generated with WINDEV Mobile 25 is version 5 (released in 2014).
If you need to develop applications for very old versions of Android, simply use an older version of WINDEV Mobile. You can access these versions with your license for version 25.
Application bundle : optimized application size (optimization for play store)
"App bundle" is Google Play Store's new publishing format.
This format allows you to publish small applications that are optimized for each device configuration: processor, screen size, etc..
The installed application contains only the resources it needs according to the device.
WINDEV Mobile 25 allows you to generate smaller apps, in "App bundle" format.
Apk generation by target (reduced size)
When deploying applications directly (i.e. outside Play Store), you can reduce the app size by specifying the specific target.
For example, when a business application is used only on industrial terminals of a certain type, you can compile the application only for that configuration: for that type of processor and screen size.
The generated app will not have to include all the possible hardware and processors, all the possible image resolutions, and will therefore be smaller.
Version 25 allows generating this type of APK.
It is also possible to generate several APKs for several different types of devices in a single operation.
Android : debugger on device
All developers appreciate the possibility to debug an application directly on the device.
How to trace a feature that cannot be effectively emulated on a PC: GPS location, embedded printer, scanner, access to phone contacts and calendar, photo and video recording, gestures (delete rows by swiping, etc.)...
In version 25, WINDEV Mobile allows you to debug an under-development Android application directly on the device.
Note that this feature is also available for iOS.
You can now quickly debug everything!
Simply set breakpoints (beforehand or during debugging) and click "Debug on mobile device".
When the execution reaches the breakpoint, the application goes into freeze mode, and the code editor displays the corresponding code.
The current instruction is indicated by the usual arrow in the margin.
As usual, you can view the content of variables, the call stack, ... then continue the execution: step by step, ...
Choose your debug mode: here, directly on the device
Choose your debug mode: here, directly on the device
Android report editor
It's here! In version 25, the report editor is available for Android!
Your existing reports work natively on Android!
In version 25, you can run an iPrintReport command on Windows, Linux, Web, iOS and now in Android.
The report can be printed (on a printer) or generated as a PDF.
The Android report editor is very rich.
It supports all the features you need, such as:
  • Static control,
  • Preset control,
  • Calculated control,
  • Image control,
  • Check Box control,
  • Shape control,
  • Bar Code control;
  • Link control,
  • Internal Report control,
  • ...All the processes of these controls are supported , as well as all their properties (auto-resizing, unbreakable controls...), styles,
types of frames; etc.
All types of blocks are supported: document start/end, header/footer, body, break, body complement, iteration, block substitution, breaks, planes, ...
The data source can be HFSQL (Data file, query, embedded query) or a programmed data source.
Bounds, sorts and sort breaks are supported.
Available types of reports include: blank, form, table, crosstab, mailing, label, multicolumn , ...
The "[% %]" syntax in labels is supported.
Nested reports and report sequences are supported.
PDF export is available.
You can easily create all types of reports for your Android applications.
Internal components : evolutions
In Android, internal components now also include:
  • Analysis.
  • HFSQL context.
This is very useful, and allows for better compatibility with iOS apps.
App in "kiosk" mode : don't exit the app (museum visit, etc.)
We have all (or almost all!) visited a museum where we are provided with a tablet (with or without headphones) containing an explanation of the works on display.
On this type of devices, it is impossible to exit the application. This prevents baddies from changing or destroying the configuration!
This mode is called "kiosk".
WINDEV Mobile 25 makes it easy to create this type of application: 1 click.
Native navbar
More and more applications offer a navigation bar at the bottom of the window.
Since this bar is now standardized, WINDEV Mobile 25 offers it natively for Android.
Example of Native NavBar
Example of Native NavBar
Call soap webservices : 7 evolutions
In version 25, Webservices evolve in Android:
  • Soap WLanguage functions are available for Android. One key function is SOAPToHTTP, which allows you to modify an Http request before sending it.
  • The wsRequest and wsResponse WLanguage types are available to finely configure calls to Webservices, and to process responses.
  • Multipart support.
  • MTOM/XOP support.
  • Webservices with "User/Password" authentication are automatically supported.
  • InnerXML support.
  • A certificate can be used to call the Webservice that requires it.
Send long sms and mmS
SMS and MMS functions now accept long texts.
Chromebook with Intel processor
In version 25, Android runtime framework is delivered for 32-bit and 64-bit Intel processors.
Retrieve the "rectangle" displayed when zooming or moving
A user can zoom in an Image control.
The new ..RectangleDisplayed property allows retrieving the coordinates of the zoomed (or moved) area, as well as the zoom factor.
Asymmetric encryption WLanguage functions
Asymmetric encryption functions are now available for Android.
RandomCryptoInteger WLanguage functions
Encryption methods often use a "random number" parameter.
RandomCryptoInteger allows generating a random, unpredictable and unrepeatable number for this purpose.
WLanguage, 6 new types
6 new types of variables are available for Android:
Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows Embedded are very popular in industrial settings.
Please note: your Windows Mobile, CE and Embedded code is compatible with Android (and iOS).
If you migrate your industrial devices from CE to Android, you don't lose your code!
All thanks to WINDEV Mobile!
Your teams will be happy to keep their know-how!.
Common new features
WINDEV Mobile 25 for Windows CE, Mobile and Windows Embedded benefit from the common new features of the environment in version 25.
Although it seems like it is being abandoned by Microsoft, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) is still supported in version 25.
Common new features
UWP development benefits from the common new features of version 25. See new features 670 to 692.
New environment
UWP development also benefits from the new development environment of version 25.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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