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When a table column is a Numeric column, the end user can create a chart on the column data and therefore benefit from the power of charts created with WINDEV.
Displaying a chart
To create a chart from the data found in a column (table or TreeView Table):
  1. Open the context menu of the requested column.
  2. Select "Chart".
  3. The chart created from the data found in the column is automatically displayed in a new window. The features in the context menu of the chart allow you to display the data according to your own requirements. For more details, see Handling the Chart controls at runtime (AAF).
Remark: You cannot select the columns that will be included in the chart. To choose some specific columns of the Table control, we advise you to create a new chart from the Table control. This chart will be displayed in a window for example.

Disabling charts

To disable the option to create charts, simply use AAFDisable with the aafChart constant.

Displaying the chart

To display the chart of a table column through programming, simply use AAFExecute with the aafChart constant.
AAFExecute(TABLE_Stat.COL_Result2016, aafChart)
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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