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Stored procedures
WordPress offers numerous templates to create original websites. WEBDEV allows you to easily import these templates.
When importing styles from a Wordpress Template, WEBDEV analyzes the content of the template, extracts and generates the styles used. WEBDEV also imports images from pages in the template. The import creates the style sheet based on the template, and allows the import of images used in the examples provided with the template.
You can import multiple templates into the same project: each style sheet remains independent of the others.
Before importing a WordPress template, check the following points:
  • The Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package must be installed on the computer.
    As of the date of writing this document, this package can be downloaded from Microsoft's site (
  • The contents of the MySQL server archive must be copied to the WEBDEV WordPress directory:
    1. Download MySQL Server 5.X 32 or 64-bit as a ZIP archive (for example:
    2. Create a "mysql" folder in the personal elements folder of WEBDEV. This folder will be:
      • "\Personal\Wordpress" if WEBDEV is installed in a unique directory,
      • "<User>\AppData\Roaming\PC SOFT\27.0\Wordpress" if WEBDEV is installed following the Windows standard.
    3. Extract the contents of the archive in the "\WordPress\mysql\" directory. The "bin", "lib" (...) folders must be at the root of the "\WordPress\mysql\" folder.
      Examples of directories:
      • if WEBDEV is installed in a unique directory:
        "C:\<WEBDEV 27 folder>\Personal\WordPress\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe"
      • if WEBDEV is installed following the Windows standard:
        "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\PC SOFT\27.0\WordPress\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe"
  • Management of ports: Local TCP ports 3399 and 8099 are used.. Firewall security devices must allow WEBDEV to communicate locally through these ports (localhost).
If necessary, the WordPress theme import wizard will ask you to perform these operations.
Caution: Before importing a WordPress theme, please read its license to make sure you can import it.
How to?
To import a WordPress theme:
  1. Open the WEBDEV project in which the WordPress theme is to be imported.
  2. On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, expand "Import" and select "Styles of a WordPress theme".
  3. The import wizard starts.
    Remark: If the prerequisites are not met, the wizard will not propose to import the theme.
  4. Select the '.zip' file containing the WordPress theme you want to import and click "Finish".
  5. The import starts and may take a few minutes.
  6. At the end of the import, WEBDEV proposes to open an example page in which the imported style is applied on the main controls of a WEBDEV page.
The styles of the WordPress theme are integrated into the project via a specific style sheet.
To choose a WordPress theme style for one of your controls:
  1. Select the control in the page.
  2. Open the context menu and select "Choose a WEBDEV style".
  3. The style selection window appears.
  4. To view only the styles of the WordPress theme, select its name in the "Project styles" list.
  5. Select the desired style and validate.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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