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notificationCategory (Type of variable)
In french: notificationCatégorie
The type notificationCategory makes it possible to define all the advanced characteristics of a notification category. The notifications of the application can be associated with a notification category. The characteristics of this notification category can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
This type of variable is used by the Notification variables.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Description of the notification category to use
categoryNotif is notificationCategory
categoryNotif.Identifier = "ID_NOTIF_COM"
categoryNotif.Name = "Commercial notifications"
categoryNotif.Priority = notifHighPriority
// Add a notification associated with the category
n is Notification
n.Title = "New message"
n.Message = "Order #54781-4551"
n.SecondaryMessage = ""
n.Category = categoryNotif

Properties specific to notificationCategory variables

The following properties can be used to handle a notification category:
Property nameType usedEffect
  • True (default value) if the notifications of the category should be taken into account to display the application badge.
  • False otherwise.
ColorLEDIntegerColor of LED when displaying the notification.
The value of this property is taken into account only if DisplayLED is set to True.
The display color of the LED is green by default.
This color can correspond to:
Caution: Some devices do not allow you to modify the LED color or they do not propose all the colors. A default color will be used if the specified color is not supported by the device.
DescriptionCharacter stringDescription of the notification category (optional).
  • True if the LED of the device must be switched on when the notification is displayed,
  • False (default value) otherwise.
The color of the LED and the frequency of lighting can change from a device to another one.
IdentifierCharacter stringIdentifier of the category. This property must not be empty. This identifier is unique for the application (case and accent-sensitive).
Name Character stringName of the category. This name must not be empty.
PriorityIntegerPriority of notifications associated with the category. The priority of a notification has an influence on how the notification is shown to the user.
In some situations, a notification with a low priority can be hidden to the user if other notifications with higher priorities are received.
This property can take the following values:
  • notifMaxPriority: maximum priority (example: incoming call).
  • notifHighPriority: high priority (example: receiving an urgent email).
  • notifDefaultPriority (default value): standard priority (example: receiving an SMS).
  • notifLowPriority: low priority (example: notification for update).
  • notifMinPriority: minimum priority (example: commercial information).
SoundCharacter stringPath of the sound file to play when displaying the notification.
To play the default sound of notifications, use the notifDefaultSound constant. This default sound can change from a device to another one.
You have the ability to play a sound issued from an audio file included in the application (via the generation wizard): to do so, specify the name of the file and its extension.
To associate no sound with the notification, use an empty string ("", default value).
  • True if the device must vibrate when displaying the notification,
  • False (default value) otherwise.
Remark: The duration and the power of vibrations can change from a device to another one.
  • True if the notification must be visible in the lock screen,
  • False (default value) otherwise.

Functions that use the notificationCategory type

The following functions manage notificationCategory variables:
NotifDeleteCategoryDeletes a notification category from the application.
NotifListCategoryLists the notification categories of the application.


You can use VariableReset to reset the content of a notificationCategory variable.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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Last update: 01/26/2023

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