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How to use WDMSG?
The different steps for translating the project messages with WDMSG are as follows:
  1. Extracting project messages
    This step is used to check out all the project messages in a given language. The result of this check-out is an extraction file (in text,WDMSG or HFSQL format) containing all the messages to translate.
  2. Translating the extraction file
    The extraction file can be translated:
    • with a simple text editor (text file).
    • by a specific translation tool (text file).
    • by WDTRAD supplied with WDMSG. WDTRAD can be used to translate text, WDMSG or HFSQL extraction files.
  3. Importing the file of translated messages
    Once the extraction file is translated, the translated messages (found in the message file) will be checked in into the current project.
  4. Comparing the messages to check the translation
    Messages are compared to find out if there are translation errors (e.g. untranslated text).
  5. Extracting messages added or modified since last extraction
    This step is used to check out the messages added or modified since the last translation.
Tips for using WDMSG


  • No archive file is created by WDMSG. We recommend that you save the project before the messages are checked in: this allows you to keep a version of the project before translation.
  • Don't forget to verify the translated text if the messages are translated by a translation software. The translation must correspond to the context of your application.
    Moreover, for an extraction file in text format, the file format must be checked after the translation. Indeed, some translation software modify the layout of the text file : space characters are added after the keywords, the names of windows and controls may be modified. We advise you to perform a backup copy of the checked-out file before the translation (to keep the initial file format).
  • If the messages are translated by several translators, we advise you to generate different extraction files. Each extraction file must contain the messages found in different windows, pages or reports. This method is used to avoid overwriting the already translated messages.
  • Comparing the messages is used to check out the untranslated messages only.
  • It is possible to set an automatic extraction and reintegration of messages thanks to the Software Factory, by defining the appropriate actions in an action plan.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 10/13/2022

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