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Stored procedures
HListServerTrigger (Function)
In french: HListeTriggerServeur
Lists the different triggers available on a connection or on one of the connection files.
Remark: The functions for handling the server triggers are advanced functions. The server triggers can be created directly in the data model editor. For more details, see Server triggers.
<Result> = HListServerTrigger(<Connection> [, <Physical HFSQL Client/Server files>])
<Result>: Character string
List of server triggers applied to the specified connection. The different triggers are separated by CR characters (Carriage Return).
The list has the following format:
<Trigger> + TAB + <Data file> + TAB + <WLanguage procedure> + TAB +
<Function number> + TAB + <Type of trigger> + TAB + <Trigger status> + CR +...
<Trigger>Name of trigger.
<Data file>Physical name of the data file to which the trigger applies.
<WLanguage procedure>Name of the stored WLanguage procedure called by the trigger.
<Function number>Identifier of WLanguage function on which the server trigger is enabled.
To find out the name of WLanguage function used, see the ListeDéfinitionHF.WL file (found in the "Personal\\External\\" subdirectory of WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile or WEBDEV).
<Type of trigger>
  • "A" for a "BEFORE" trigger (the procedure associated with the trigger is run before the HFSQL function of trigger).
  • "P" for an "AFTER" trigger (the procedure associated with the trigger is run after the HFSQL function of trigger).
<Trigger status>
<Connection>: Optional character string or Connection variable
Connection to use. This connection corresponds to:
<Physical HFSQL Client/Server files>: Optional character string
Physical name of one or more HFSQL Client/Server data files associated with the connection ("CUSTOMER.FIC" for example). To specify several names, the names of the data files must be separated by a comma (",").
If this parameter is not specified or if it corresponds to an empty string (""), the trigger will be enabled on all the data files of the database.
Component: wd280hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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