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  • Save in image format
  • Use conditions:
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Stored procedures
Saves the video currently transmitted by a "camera" as an image or a video sequence.
The formats in which the video is saved are:
  • Windows an image in BMP format or a video sequence in AVI format.
WindowsUser code (UMC)
// Sauvegarde de la vidéo retransmise dans le champ Caméra "CAM_Cuisine"
// sous forme d'une AVI ("C:\Temp\MaVideo.AVI") de 1 minute
ResSauvegarde = CaméraCapture(CAM_Cuisine, "C:\Temp\MaVideo.AVI", viVideoCapture, 60)
IF ResSauvegarde = True THEN
Info("Vidéo correctement sauvegardée")
<Result> = CameraCapture(<Camera control> , <Name of created file> [, <Type of capture> [, <Capture duration> [, <Number of images per second> [, <Display during capture>]]]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the video was successfully saved,
  • False otherwise. To get the details of the error, use ErrorInfo.
<Camera control>: Control name
Name of Camera control to use. There is no need to display the video in a Camera control in order to save it.
<Name of created file>: Character string (with quotes)
Name and full (or relative) path of file to create.
Windows If an image is saved, a BMP file is created. If a video sequence is saved, an AVI file is created.
Caution: No UNC path can be used.
<Type of capture>: Optional integer constant
Type of capture:
Windows Capture an image in the format of a BMP file.

(Default value)
Windows Capture a video sequence in the format of an AVI file.

<Capture duration>: Optional integer or optional duration
Duration of capture (in seconds). If this parameter is set to 0 or if it is not specified, the capture will stop:
  • during the call to VideoStop.
  • when the specified disk is full.
Remark: This parameter can correspond to:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of seconds,
  • a Duration variable,
  • Versions 23 and later
    the duration in a readable format ('1 s' for example).
    New in version 23
    the duration in a readable format ('1 s' for example).
    the duration in a readable format ('1 s' for example).
<Number of images per second>: Optional integer
Number of images saved per second (15 by default). This parameter is taken into account only if <Type of capture> is equal to viVideoCapture.
<Display during capture>: Optional boolean
  • True (by default) if the video currently transmitted must be viewed in the specified Camera control,
  • False otherwise.

Save in image format

Only the Image displayed at the time the CameraCapture function is executed is saved in BMP format. To save this image, you can also use:

Use conditions:

  • Windows To use this function, a "web camera" must be connected to the current computer.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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