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Stored procedures
PreviousPage (Function)
In french: PagePrécédente
Returns the name of previous page. The previous page is the page that opened the current page.
In AWP mode, PreviousPage always returns an empty string ("").
PHP In PHP, if the current page is:
  • without context: PreviousPage returns an empty string ("").
  • with context: PreviousPage returns the name of the previous page with context.
Str is string
Str = PreviousPage()
<Result> = PreviousPage()
<Result>: Character string
Name of the previous page in uppercase characters if the WLanguage code currently run is:
  • a page code (opening code, closing code or synchronization code)
  • a control code (initialization, click)
  • a procedure local to the page
Or an empty string ("") if the page is a static page or if the code currently run is:
  • the project code.
  • a class constructor or destructor code.
  • a class method.
  • a procedure global to the project.
Linux The case of the page name corresponds to the real case of the page name. For example, if the current page corresponds to the "Home.WWH" page, the name returned will be "Home".
  • PreviousPage can be used to manage the display of a BACK button in a WEBDEV page. To do so, specify the following line in the server click code of the button:
  • SEO-ready pages: If you use SEO-ready pages in Session mode, you should not call PreviousPage. Since it is possible to access an SEO-ready page from any other page, the "previous" page will not exist.
Component: wd290page.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 10/03/2022

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