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Stored procedures
The project description window allows you to configure various elements of your project. This window includes the following tabs:
  • The "Project" tab, which allows you to enter general information about the project.
  • The "Analysis" tab, which is used to associate an analysis with the project and/or with a UML model.
  • The "Files" tab, which allows you to enter information about the data files used by the application (only if the project is bound to an analysis)
  • The "Live data" tab, which allows you to configure how the data from the data files is displayed in the different editors.
  • The "Languages" tab, which is used to configure the different languages used by the project as well as the options to be used for each language.
  • The "Style" tab, which allows you to choose the skin template, customize the print preview and select a style sheet. You can also configure screen sizes.
  • The "SCM" tab, which is used to manage teamwork (SCM or GIT).
  • The "Options" tab, which allows you to configure the template update, backup and synchronization options. This tab is also used to enable the strict mode and to define the code style.
  • The "Advanced" tab, which allows you to configure how to use "Reports & Queries", AAFs and how to lock the application.
  • The "Compilation" tab, which allows you to configure the compilation options.
  • The "Telemetry" tab, which allows you to configure the telemetry options for the project.
    WEBDEV - Server code This option is not available.
Files tab

Directory of files that will be used in test mode

This option allows you to define the directory of the data files that will be used in test mode: debugging, Go for a window, page or project.
The directory used by default is the directory of the current configuration. You can specify a specific directory.
This option is useful if WINDEV is used in Windows Vista while the UAC is enabled: the directory of the application data can be used in test mode.


The following options are available for all data types:
  • Enable the automatic HFSQL help
    This operation is used to enable the automatic management of errors by the HFSQL engine. For more details, see Assisted management of errors.
  • Automatically create the data files when they are opened: This option is used to automatically create the data files described in the analysis if these files do not exist when using functions that require their opening. In this case, HCreationIfNotFound is automatically run.
    Native Connectors (Native Accesses) This option is taken into account by the native connectors to SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

Automatic reindexing (HFSQL only)

A file may have to be reindexed when the index file is lost or damaged. An automatic reindex operation can be implemented for the data files.
The "Enable the automatic indexing" option allows you to automatically reindex data files by specifying several parameters:
  • the maximum number of records: If the data file contains less than XXX records, the reindex operation is automatically performed if an index error occurs. This value is set to 100000 by default. The automatic reindex operation is disabled if this variable is set to 0.
  • the display of a progress window showing the status of the current reindex operation.
Remark: the automatic re-indexing is available for the HFSQL Classic et HFSQL Client/Server files only.

File management mode (HFSQL only)

This option is used to define the management mode of the data files found in the application. By default, the applications created by WINDEV and WEBDEV are multi-user applications: the locks are automatically managed.
You can set a "Single-user" mode: in this case, opening a data file automatically prevents other users from reading or writing.
New in version 28

Options for Native Connectors

When copying contexts using a Native Connector, if the "Copy connections when copying context" option is checked, each context can have its own connection to the external database server. This option is particularly useful for transactions.
This new feature is available for the following databases: MS SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Progress, Informix, DB2, SQLite, MariaDB.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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